Fundraising & Financial Solutions

We elaborate the materials that are necessary for fundraising and advise on all the processes required to obtain them. We act in financial planning and short, medium and long-term actions term.

We can assist in:
Corporate governance;
Fundraising in the financial and private equity market;
Feasibility evaluation of new projects and investments;
Assistance in financial planning/financial restructuring.

M & A Operations - M & A

We structure M & A processes and work in processes in companies of technology, specialized in Internet service providers, leading the process through all the steps of the transaction, offering all the necessary support for the negotiations. We have a large portfolio of Suppliers and Prospects (investors Brazilians, foreigners and investment funds).

We approach the interested parties and mapped the possibilities of partnerships strategies. We specialize in negotiations involving providers & providers, providers & investors & mutual funds & providers, interacting with the parties and defending interests of both maintaining the neutrality in the process.

We act in the accomplishment of:

Development of documentation and materials for roadshow presentations: blind teaser, non disclosure agreement (NDA), MOU (Memorandum of understanding, information memorandum, term sheet, among others.

Roadshow presentation schedule control;
Search for investors and acting together with negotiation (advisor);
Follow-up of the due diligence process;
Negotiation of the contracts together with the legal advisor.

Business Valuation e Investiment Thesis

We make reports evaluating the fair value of ISPs, basing our analysis in its structure through the implementation of Business Valuation.
We specialize in evaluating providers taking into account characteristics and particularities of the business.

We perform:
Business Valuation + Investiment Thesis;
Elaboration of independent appraisal reports to assess the "value of fair "of assets in M & A operations;
Economic feasibility analysis of projects and / or investments;
Analysis of liquidity.

Due Diligence

We promote research processes and prior diligence in internet, focusing on possible risks, problems (financial, labor, fiscal and legal) and conditions that may influence the fair value.

For this we perform:
Documentation analysis;
In-loco visits;
Consolidation of quantitative and qualitative risks;
Execution of expert report.

Strategic planning

Based on the needs of growth and perpetuation, with future of its provider, we have prepared a project for the strategic planning for your business.

For this we perform:
Collection of data and documents through immersion in the company;
Construction and/or understanding of the strategic vision and business model from the company;
Definition of strategies to achieve the short, medium and long term objectives long term.

Corporate Restructuring Projects

We carry out projects of corporate restructuring that start from a prdiagnosis to define possible points of failure. This process aims to make the provider more professional and able to participate in M & A and capture investments, following best governance practices corporate governance.

For this we perform:

Validation of strategic planning;
Survey of needs and action plans;
Creation and monitoring of a panel of indicators for monitoring of performance;
Definition of targets for each of the indicators;
Adequacy according to best practices of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC).

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